Mark Innes

“ If debugging is the process of removing bugs, then programming must be the process of putting them in. ”

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Connections is a simple 2D puzzle game where the objective is to rotate the tiles on screen so there are no dead ends.
Some levels aren’t symmetrical and some may not be all connected as one group. All levels can be completed, some in multiple ways, even if you have to rotate every tile because of a choice you made earlier on!

How To Play

Just tap! That’s all you need, choosing levels and rotating tiles all work from your tap.


Each level is a string of numbers with each number correlating to a type of tile.
Each tile contains a list of ‘switches’ that turn on when they connect to a switch on a neighbour tile. When all the switches on all the tiles are on, the level is clear.


I used unity to create the app with help from Unity Remote 5.