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Vox Racers



Remember Pod Racing..? We do too! and we miss it dearly. ‘Vox Racers!’ is the continuation of 48-hour-long love letter to the sport that inspired our younger selves. A fast-paced racing game focusing on the fluidity of the racer’s controls and attempting to recreate the immersion of arcade racing games.

We hope you have as much fun playing as we did creating this game.

How To Play

Joystick & Throttle.

Vox Racers is designed for a HOTAS setup.

Push the throttle to apply a transmission to the engines to increase thrust. Tilt the joystick to the sides to rotate.


Use the right trigger to apply the transmission and the left stick’s horizontal axis to rotate.

Keyboard & Mouse

Increasing and decreasing thrust is ‘W’ & ‘S’ respectively. Slide the mouse horizontally to rotate.


Global Game Jam

After the Global Game Jam’s 48 hours we had completed the prototype. The gameplay consisted of driving laps around the track, enjoying the polished racer feel.
This version can be downloaded above but the input manager for unity has been uncooperative so the controls may not work.

The Following Week

Since then we have added gamepad and keyboard support; A new ‘endless runner’ game mode where you try to go as far a possible, as fast as possible, avoiding the oncoming collisions; a health system with engine parts catching fire and falling apart when colliding with scenery; and better collision detection and response when striking walls at awkward angles. We want you to always be going fast, not trying to get out of a tight spot!

A Month Down

We have added a second racer and a highscores system to the endless runner mode. The endless runner has improved models and obstacles to navigate around. Our menus have been completely redesigned into one ‘garage’ scene where you can interact with each of the components.


We have plans for many more racers, A.I to accompany those racers, different tracks and a system to save highscores globally.


Movement is key. If the racer feels wrong in any way the player will enjoy the game less. You can check out some of the code I use here.
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Jacob Naylor

Artist / Designer

Mark Craigie


Owen Millward


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